Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ray tracing in games and movies

Today I was going through HPG 2009 Report. It mentions Larry Gritz, in his key-note, saying that ray tracing making more sense for film rendering than the current REYES technique. He also gives a several reasons behind it. That read, I was wondering really how many and which games/movies use ray tracing for rendering, as of today. Hence this post.

It seems to me that ray tracing has to defeat rasterization in games industry, and, for film rendering, has to defeat REYES. Seems like ray-tracing is having a really hard time these days!
Ray tracing in games
In 2007-08, students of the IGAD course of the NHTV University of Applied Sciences (Breda, The Netherlands) worked on two games using a real-time ray tracer for rendering. Here is the page that describes there work.
Though I did not find any good feedback from that place.

2) Quake 4, Quake Wars and Wolfenstein have been ray traced!
Here are the details.
Quake 3 ray traced : 2004
Quake 4 ray traced : 2006
Quake Wars ray traced : 2008
Wolfenstein ray traced : 2010

All these projects, seemingly, are CPU based.

This article at Intel's research site reports about the Wolf3D getting ray-traced-
  • Effects achieved : reflections, refractions,
  • Scene complexity: around 1 million triangles ( claimed )
  • Performance :
  • CPU/GPU/Hybrid:

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