Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Underwater Scenes Illumination : Important Resources

Photon Mapping with participating media
Jensen's 1998 paper talks for the first time
Practical guide to global illumination using photon maps is brilliant to understand
I found a code for photon mapping with participating media here.

  • This page describes a course project on realistic underwater lighting using photon mapping by Stanford students. Has a source code and sample scene too.
  • This page by Mark Kilgard, talks about OpenGL-rendering of underwater caustics.

[EDIT: March 16, 2011]

[1]The FAQ for photon mapping implementation here and here are excellent.
[2]This source-code for photon mapping is a complete package. (including ray tracing pass).
[3]This source code is Jensen's photon mapping code. (with some little tweaks).
[4]This tutorial on photon mapping by Zack Waters is also excellent and is in the must-refer-to list.


Downloadable and compilable ray tracing implementations available on the Internet
  • Simple Ray tracer (uses Windows-specific headers; doesn't use acceleration structure; fast)
  • RayTrace 3.3 (both platforms; organized code; uses kd-tree; supports .obj and .nff scenes (arbit scenes don't work))
  • raytracer7 (really fast, uses kd-tree)
  • ultimate ray tracer (haven't tried)
  • heatRay (brilliant screenshots; haven't run the code yet)

3D Models Downloads available over the Web

[This list will be updated repeatedly.]

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