Thursday, April 21, 2011

my progressive photon mapping implementation

Finally I have got progressive photon mapping (without participating media, with surfaces) working :) yay!
Details on that would come later, when I would get some time margin to write about it descriptively, but the following output image may give you an idea of how much has been done till now...

Let me be honest, I loved the caustics :) If you see carefully, you may find some color bleeding happening too...which makes me even happier! The rendering is with a single light-source emitting 1 billion photons, and took around 4-5 minutes of execution time.

The next task in line is inclusion of participating media. I have been reading [0], [1], and [2] to understand the concepts needed, although they won't tell me how to do that in my framework of progressive photon mapping. So, I will be needing to understand how it works with participating media in regular photon mapping, and then design how it should be done in progressive framework. Hope that's fun...;)

Other important resources which would be helpful sooner or later
1. Praca dyplomowa's CUDA implementation for participating media rendering with photon mapping
2. Really good wiki that explains that concepts of participating media rendering in a very friendly and grounds-up manner
3. A survey on participating media rendering techniques (2005)

[0] A Practical Guide to Global Illumination using Photon Maps Sig'2000
[1] Efficient Simulation of Light Transport in Scenes with Participating Media using Photon Maps Henrik Wann Jensen
[2] Jensens Book Realistic-Image-Synthesis-Using-Photon-Mapping (Chapter 10)

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