Sunday, January 9, 2011

Microsoft Kinect

following resources are really important:
Overall Statistical Information
  1. has very good statistical data about the device and a solid bunch of references.
Making novel use of Kinect
Point cloud rendering
  1. It talks about making use of Kinect device to capture point cloud and renders it using Blender at 2-15 FPS depending upon the point-cloud quality. The video, was not very impressive, basically because it's a very badly composed video, you can't make out anything from it!!!
  2. showcases an impressive video!!!!! A researcher at University of California Davis, Oliver Kreylos has produced one of the most amazing demonstrations of true 3D video using an off-the-shelf Microsoft Kinect.

Potential applications of Kinect
What makes Kinect an amazing device - is - the fact that it is able to capture purely 3D data ( 3D points ) at 30 FPS. Let me say it again more loudly - 30 FPS!
The original purpose of Kinect is clearly in gaming, as the device, when released, has been meant to be used along with XBOX 360. Using Kinect, a user would be able to interact / manipulate with the 3D virtual world, by just making suitable gestures, mostly as if he/she were physically there.
The first use-case of Kinect that comes to my mind is telepresence.

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